Bulu Box – February 2016


openboxSubscription Box: Bulu Box

Monthly Cost: $10 + free shipping

Box Options: Original and Weight Loss

Coupon codes: THREEFORONE (3 months for $10)

This review is for the Bulu Box Original option.


Information card inside each box.

Montana Mex Seasoning


Value: unknown 1g  ($29.95 for 3 2.4oz tubs) Available At: Montana Mex

Montana Mex offers three flavors of their seasonings chili, sweet, and picante.  All of their seasonings are made from pure sea salt and are chemical and preservative free.  My sample was for the chili flavor.  They recommend using it on steaks, hummus or dip, taco meats, beans, or fries.  They also have recipe videos on their website.

Dream Water Sleep Powder


Value: $.70 3g ($13.98 for 20 pk) Available At: Dream Water

Dream water sleep powder is a powder you can take that helps improve your  sleep quality.  It can be taken as is by just eating the powder, mixed with hot water, or mixed with cold water.  Only three ingredients are inside this powder including GABA, melatonin, and 5-HTP.  I personally do not have too much trouble sleeping, however I still think is a cool product to try when I do have trouble.  I do wish they would have sent at least two sample packs so that you could get a better idea how well it works.

Vital 4U Fiber Drink


Value: $2 – 2 3/5 fl oz  ($12.00 for 12 pk) Available At: Vital4U

This is a prebiotic fiber drink that is supposed to support your immune system and improve overall digestion.  Two full size pouches are included as samples, each contains 3g of soluble fiber and are citrus berry fusion flavor.  No mixing is required, you can drink directly from the pouch.  I think this is a convenient way to get your daily fiber.

NeoCell Beauty Bursts


Value: $.37 ($22.49 for 60 chews) Available At: NeoCell

These are gourmet collagen soft chews that are full of nutrients that help your hair, skin, and nails.  Each chew contains collagen type 1 & 3, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.  The sample contains one soft chew in super fruit punch flavor.  They actually taste pretty good, but are very chewy (kind of similar to a now and later).  On the package it states that a fresh mint chocolate flavor is also available.  I wish they would have sent both flavor options to try.

Fanda Labs Driv


Value: $3 – 2 7.8g packets ($44.99 for 30 packets) Available At: FandaLabs

Driv is a performance improving, energy increasing, and recovery time improving drink mix.  This product does not include caffeine, gluten, or gmos.  One packet gets mixed in 16-24 ounces of filtered water and is drank before, during, and after your workout.

Bonus Samples

Arctic Ease Cold Wrap


Value: unknown ($19.99  4″ x 60″ cold wrap) Available At: ArticEase

This is a sample of a instant cold wrap that is reusable. It is designed to relieve pain and swelling.  This wrap lasts for up to 3 hours and helps to absorb and remove heat energy from the body.  Per the website there are four color options, red, blue, black, and pink.  My sample was red.

Earth’s Care Dry and Cracked Skin Balm


Value: $.62 – .12oz tub ($12.99 2.5oz tub) Available At: Earths Care

This is a sample of a dry & cracked skin balm.  This is meant to be used to rejuvenate and keep skin moisturized.  This balm does not contain parabens, petrolatum, or artificial colors or fragrances.  Even though this product is made from more natural ingredients it still has a rather strong medicine smell in the container.  Once you rub the product on your skin however, there is very little smell.  I think was a very generous sample size and I will definitely be using it through these dry winter months.

Verdict: Total estimated value of box $6.69 + unknown value samples.  All of the product samples in the box can be purchased directly from the Bulu Box website and sometimes they offer a discount.  Bulu Box also lets you earn reward points that can be used on purchases when you review the products.  Although it is nice to get to try out a lot of new products and have them delivered to your door, I do not feel that this box is really worth the $10 monthly cost.  The samples are good products and fitness/health related.  However, in order to make this box a reasonable purchase either double the amount of included samples needs to be doubled or full size products should be included.  I would not recommend this box.

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