Bulu Box – March 2016


Subscription Box: Bulu Box

Monthly Cost: $10 + free shipping

Box Options: Original and Weight Loss

Coupon codes: THREEFORONE (3 months for $10)

This review is for the Bulu Box Original option.


Information card with product details inside each box.

Bakery on Main Nut Crunch


Value: $1.50 1oz ($17.97 for 3 4oz bags) Company Site: Bakery on Main

This is a snack item sample made by Bakery on Main.  It is gluten, dairy, casein, and cholesterol free.  My nut crunch sample came with cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts.  They definitely are crunchy.  The taste is rather plain, but I do detect a subtle honey flavor.  I think this nut crunch mix would probably be good sprinkled on top of yogurt.

His Take: Rather bland, not bad per say.  The tapioca flavor stands out. It  The overall experience reminds me more of bird seed discs than something like cashew crunch.  I probably would not eat this again.

Flora Sambu Guard Chews


Value: unknown, 4 chews ($14.49 1.7oz bag) Company Site: Flora health

These chews are a dietary supplement for upper respiratory tract health.  Each sambu chew contains elderberry, echinacea, and vitamin C.  This product is made in Switzerland.  The 4 chews in my pack were a very hard gummy consistency.  They didn’t taste like much at all to me, it was like eating unflavored gelatin.

His Take: This tastes like the same type of plastic as a clear rubber suction cup.  I am afraid to chew in fear of losing a tooth.  Once I noticed it was sweetened with Stevia extract I spit it out.  The chew left a tingling sensation on my tongue afterward.  You are better off taking regular echinacea.

VitaFive Gummy Multivitamins


Value: unknown, 4 gummies ($17.99 2wk supply) Company Site: Vita Five

This is a vitafive sample for gummy vitamins.  They have adult and kid packs available. Currently on their website the adult pack options are beauty, active, essentials, brain, heart, sleep, and immune.  They also sent a code for 50% off if you order through the Bulu Box website.  These gummies were pretty good, they are soft and chewy and have a citrus smell.  I am not sure what adult pack was sent in this sample, but I would guess it is most likely the essentials pack.

His Take: The orange gummy is amazing, it tastes like a sort of sour orange drink.  Think Kool-Aid or Gatorade meets a more mild Warhead.  The yellow gummy, however, tastes like lemon-laced plastic fishiness.  That is to say, it tastes like fish and plastic, with a hint of lemon.

4D Clean Energy


Value: $3.20/2pks 5.9g ($39.95/25pks) Company Site: 4D Clean Energy

This is a pre-workout and health supplement sample from 4D Clean Energy.  Each packet gets mixed with 16-20oz of water and drank 30 minutes prior to working out.  This product is listed as being all natural with Stevia.  I think this is a convenient product, I would probably toss a few packs in my gym bag to always have on hand.

Fru-Licious Fru-slices


Value: $1 10g pk($11.99/12pks) Company Site: Fru-Licious

This is a sample of freeze-dried fruit made by Fru-Licious.  This product is 100% real fruit and has no sugar or preservatives added.  It is also GMO, peanut, wheat, and gluten free.  On their website they have a variety of flavors to choose from including, apple-strawberry, strawberry-carrot, raspberry-blueberry, and mango-carrot.  They even have fruit ice and smoothie pops.  My Fru-Licious sample was for freeze-dried grapes.  They look like peanuts and smell kind of like a strong green tea.  The taste is not that bad once you get past the odd texture and dryness there is a sweet grape flavor that comes through.  In the past I have tried other brands of freeze-dried fruits and apple was my favorite.  Although I probably would not buy the grape flavor (I prefer fresh juicy grapes) I would be willing to purchase other flavors offered by this company.

Bonus Samples

PB 8 Immune Support


Value: $23.90/60 capsules Company Site: unknown

This is a full size sample of dietary supplement pills from PB 8.  This product contains no dairy, gluten, or soy.  One capsule a day is supposed to boost your immunity and support your digestion.  I was very pleased to have this full size sample included in the box.



Value: $35.00/60 tablets Company Site: Fruits Max

This is a full size sample for a multivitamin made from 21 ripened fruits.  You take two chewable tablets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  These tablets can also be crushed and given to children.  This Fruits Max product contains your daily dose of fruits and probiotics.  Per their website this product will increase your energy level, vitality, strengthen your immune system, and balance your digestion.  I am pleased with this product’s uses and will be giving it a try.  I am also very happy to have a full size sample.

Naked Wines – Gift Card


Value: $100 Company Site: Naked Wines

This is a wine voucher for $100 off a purchase of $160 from Naked Wines.  Personally I am not a wine drinker and do not see myself spending $60 on a case of wine.  This does seem like a really good deal if you like the wines available on their site.  This was a nice addition to the box and I’m sure I can find a family member that will make good use of it.

Verdit: Total estimated value of box $64.60  + unknown value samples + $100 gift card.  As with all the samples you receive in Bulu Box you can purchase any of the products directly from their website (usually at a discount).  The overall theme of this box seemed to be immunity and digestion support.  I liked the variety of products included this month as well as the two full size bonus samples.  At $10 a month I feel this box was worth it if your looking to try a bunch of new healthy products without leaving your house.


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